One word comes to mind….comforting. I am no social media expert but both ladies made me feel comfortable and ok with “not knowing”. I have worked with social media “specialists” in the past and they can very quickly make you feel very inept with slang and slogans they throw around. Nadia and Margaret made it clear from the start that this process was about my business and that everything would be done in line with my vision and focus for the business. Something that I truly appreciated and that most definitely came through in the initial meeting, the photo shoot as well as the subsequent posts. They are a power team but they also do a great job of empowering their clients!

2. The fact that we had one of our best performing posts on Instagram EVER! Jokes aside, I am not someone who is comfortable in front of a camera but I’d have to say the photo shoot was lots of fun. The difference was that Nadia and Margaret took a lot of time to work in my world into the shoot and this made me feel relaxed and comfortable. It wasn’t me going into their studio. It was them using my work as a backdrop for the shoot and our coma-sigh something that a lot of our clients commented on when they saw our posts.

3. Want jy is my sussie en jy het gesê ek Moet. Grap net….I have for a long time now looked at Instagram from an outsiders perspective in that the great posts I would see felt like a million miles from what we could/should do. When I was given the chance to work with Nadia and Margaret I jumped at the opportunity especially in seeing how Nadia does her own social media for NB Photograpy. There is a certain style and eloquence to what she does on social media, not in your face or brash but very classy. This piqued my interest and the delivery of the service and product was the icing on the cake. Thank you for the great content and follow-up!

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